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For Dining and / or Dining

 From Gianni to Costaferrata Paullo of Casina at Km 1 - Dumpling and salami - tortelli - traditional Reggiana kitchen


 The Reserve of the RE in Casina at Km 5 - traditional Reggiana cuisine with particular attention to the use of seasonal products


 From Bianchi to Sordiglio at 3 Km - tortelli specialties of different types


 From Wolfango to Casina at 4 Km - typical Reggiana cuisine


 Al Carrobbio - pizzeria


 Trattoria Al Castet in Banzola at 5 Km - traditional Reggiana cuisine Ere Podere Elisa in La Vecchia at Ek 5 - traditional Reggiana cuisine


 Agriturismo Casalia a Ripa at 3 Ek - organic cuisine with own produce specialties


 several pizzerias located throughout the area


  Fair del Parmiggiano Reggiano – Casina – August

  Chestnut Festival – Cortogno - October

  Wild asparagus Festival – to Vezzano sul Crostolo - May

  Officinal Erbs Festival– Rossena - June

  Chestnut Festival – Marola – October

  Polenta party– Bergogno - September

  Fair of San vitale – Carpineti – September

   Millenium Fair of Paullo – Paullo - August